Cecilia Bernardini

Cecilia is currently living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

There wasn’t an exact moment in which I decided to become a musician; it just seemed like the most natural thing to do, because I’d always been surrounded by music and musicians and I’d played the violin since I was 6 or 7. I had the luck of having had a really good teacher right from the beginning, Julia Veerling; she was strict and playful at the same time and introduced me to all the greatest violinists (and occasionally also cellists or singers) of recent history. This was a world opening for me, so paradoxically I went from an "early-music ear and environment” to the romantic modern violin school; chronologically so to speak, which normally happens the other way around (if it happens at all). It would take at least 15 years of ardent study on the modern violin before I came back to playing and fully appreciating early music. Now I try to keep a balance between the two; partly because there is so much beautiful repertoire throughout the whole history, from Monteverdi to Berg and beyond, which I wouldn’t want to miss out on; and partly because I have the luck of borrowing a beautiful Camillus Camilli from the Jumpstart Foundation for the baroque/ classical repertoire and a gorgeous Santo Serafin violin from the Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten Fonds for the modern repertoire. Personal highlights in my career have been a Beethoven Concerto tour on my modern violin, in which everything felt so natural and somehow in the right place, a last-minute Mozart and Beethoven performance with Concerto Copenhagen and the wonderfully inspiring Lars Ulrik Mortensen at the Vienna Musikverein and my recent Bach violin concertos cd-relearse with the Dunedin Consort. Actually, I feel like all the projects with this ensemble and our director John Butt are precious and therefore highlights.

Cecilia’s motto: Pluck the day! (and prepare for tomorrow if possible) !



Cecilia has been playing the Camilus Camilli violin since 2011



If you want to learn more about Cecilia and her music, or want to book her, she will be happy to hear from you via:
Email: cslbernardini@gmail.com
Facebook: Cecilia Bernardini
And do visit her website: www.ceciliabernardini.com