Violin Gagliano, Januarius 1732

Made by Januarius Gagliano in Napels, Italy, around 1732.
Special features: original condition, baroque bridge and neck position.
The violin Gagliano, 1732, is the first violin purchased by Jumpstart Jr Foundation, in 2007.

We bought this violin from Lucy van Dael, the Leading Lady of the revival of historical performance. In 1981, Lucy founded, together with Frans Brüggen, the “Orkest van de 18e Eeuw” (Orchestra of the 18th Century).
From the very start in 2006, she is involved in the Jumpstart Jr Foundation as an advisor.

Lucy van Dael has been playing this beautiful Gagliano with a lot of love and gusto.
The first-ever Jumpstart Jr Talent to play this little violin with its beautiful tone was Sophie Gent, from 2007 up to 2014.
After having been done up affectionately by Anna Tummers in Brighton, Evgeny Sviridov has now been playing this Gagliano violin since June 2015.