Violin Mezadri, Alessandro 1725

Made by Alessandro Mezadri of Ferrara, in around 1725.

Special features: the back of this fine old Italian instrument is one piece of attractively figured maple cut on the slab and with broad figure running horizontally; the sides of similar wood cut on the quarter; the scroll plain; the table in two pieces of spruce joined by the bass bar, the grain generally of medium width and broadening towards the flanks; the varnish of an orange-brown colour on a golden ground.

This violin is a very fine and characteristic example of the maker’s work.
We were very fortunate to be able to purchase this fine violin in 2009.

In the spring of 2016, Anna Tummers took care of the Mezadri. With not too much of an effort she adjusted it to a more baroque set up, and managed to get the tone more gentle and warm.

Jumpstart Jr Talent Huw Daniel has been playing this lovely violin since 2010, regularly with the European Union Baroque Orchestra, the Dunedin Consort and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightment, to name a few.