Cappa, Goffredo 1700

Hand-made by Goffredo Cappa in Saluzzo (Turin School), around 1700.

Goffredo Cappa was born in 1644 and died in 1717 in Saluzzo Italy.  His work is unique and shows some change in style. In his early work, the ribs are set into the back in the style popular with Dutch and Flemish makers of the period.  Later instruments show a distinct Cremonese influence especially the brown or red varnish.

The back is one piece of maple with narrow flames.  The top is made of two pieces of spruce with fine grain.  The scroll is of maple with narrow flames.  The ribs are of wood similar to the back.
This is a fine and typical example of the famous maker’s work.

The Slenderbroek brothers, whom own the Goffredo Cappa, have very kindly lent it to Jumpstart Jr. Foundation to be played by one of our Musicians.