Federico Toffano

Federico Toffano is currently living in Venice, Italy.

I started playing the cello at 4 years of age. It was a failure ... I was more interested in football and video games.
At the age of nine I moved with my family to a small village in the province of Padova and I became aware that a young cellist, Giordano, just graduated, lived here.
We met, I was 9 years old, and I started to play the cello again!
The passion and interest I have for antique music (historical performance practice) comes from my parents. My father plays the recorder and my mother the viola da gamba.

My life changed in 2011 when I became a member of EUBO (European Union Baroque Orchestra).
Since 2012 I have started to travel the world, playing with wonderful groups like the Venice Baroque Orchestra, Les Musiciens du Louvre, Il pomo d'oro and in the most prestigious concert halls.

In 2013 I completed my Master degree at the Royal Academy of Music in London. I then decided to return to Italy and to live in Venice. One of the best decisions in my life!

To be a freelance musician means catching many planes, sleeping in many hotels and arriving in new cities, often very chaotic and polluted.

Living in Venice means tranquility, the silence of the night, the sound of water that crashes against the buildings, the delicious fish, the friendliness of the local people.

Next step? Buy a small boat, of course.

Federico’s motto to live by: “Stai sereno” (Live with serenity).


Federico has been playing the Testore Cello since 2015.


Federico has just finished his first recording as a soloist, the CD will be released later this year.


If you want to learn more about Federico and his music, or want to book him, he will be happy to hear from you via:
Email: fede.toffano@gmail.com
Facebook: Federico Toffano.
And do visit his website: https://www.federicotoffano.com